HERE WE GO AGAIN: ICE raids are set to begin on Sunday

ICE is set to begin a massive raid campaign this sunday to remove illegal aliens that have an order of deportation.

Immigration and customs enforcement said that the raids would take place in over ten major cities with over 2000 Aliens set for removal, ICE also stated that Illegals that are caught up in the raids would also be subject to removal if they are in the country illegally.

For the second time, ICE has said they would conduct raids in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, and Atlanta to name a few.

The last time President Trump canceled the raid to give the Democrats 2 weeks to negotiate passage of Comprehensive Immigration reform that didn’t happen; Democrats have done zero to negotiate or even agree to speak to the Trump administration regarding immigration.
Officials have said that they will try to hold detained family members at centers in Texas and Pennsylvania, adding that ICE wants to deport families as quickly as possible.

The raids are the latest tool the Trump administration is willing to use to deter other Aliens from Central America to not make the journey north as tensions with Mexico has simmered down after they agreed to send the national guard to stop the flow and break up caravans.

President Trump said on Twitter Thursday that he is happy with what Mexico has been doing at the Border up to this point even though we have reported that the Mexican national guard has done NOTHING to stop Aliens from crossing into the United States.

Over the last few months, Border crossings dropped 28.5 percent between May and June, suggesting the deal had a significant effect on Central American immigration.
In 2018, the overall apprehensions fell by 17 percent in June, a less significant drop. However, this June still had the most apprehensions since 2004, but critics state that the reason is the heat, not the steps both the US and Mexico has taken to curb migration

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  1. American troops should offer to help Mexican troops — in Mexico — to keep illegal aliens from entering Mexico from Guatemala, and then to stay in Mexico until legally processed. Meanwhile, finish THE WALL.

  2. Zelda, bad idea. Never trust Mexico & especially El Salvador or Honduras. Once in the land of Mexico, our troops would be at serious danger. Our Congress & corrupt politicians have tied Trumps hands instead of doing what we the people want. Enough is enough.

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