Grassley Threatens to Kill USMCA Unless Trump Lifts Mexican and Canadian Tariffs

Over the weekend, Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley, threatened the President to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum or Congress will not approve U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement.

CHUCK GRASSLEY: Grassley stated in an article, “If these tariffs aren’t lifted, USMCA is dead. There is no appetite in Congress to debate USMCA with these tariffs in place.”

USMCA: The U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement is an updated version of NAFTA and was made by the Trump Administration which Trump has been pushing Congress to pass.

NANCY PELOSI: Pelosi stated she would not pass the deal until Mexico implements promised labor reforms and stronger enforcement mechanisms.

THE PRESIDENT: Trump imposed tariffs last year on imported steel and aluminum against trading partners, eliciting tariffs on American exports to those countries.

CHUCK GRASSLEY: Grassley stated, “Many Americans have been harmed by retaliatory tariffs. Mexican tariffs on U.S. pork, to take one example, have lowered the value of live hogs by $12 an animal…That means jobs, wages and communities are hurt every day these tariffs continue — as I hear directly from Iowans. It’s time for the tariffs to go.”

CHUCK GRASSLEY: Grassely compromised with, “The administration can take the lead by promptly lifting tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico and working with allies to address the true source of overcapacity in China.”

CONCLUSION: The President has not responded to Chuck Grassley but President Trump is definitely not shy to impose tariffs on Mexico’s cars if progress does not proceed.

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