GRAPHIC: Pictures of Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock has Surfaced including Weapons

On October 1st, 2017 the Worst Mass Murder in American History happened in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Gunman First Identified by Golden State Times

STEPHEN PADDOCK:  The shooter was identified as 64-year-old Stephen Craig Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada. He was found dead in his hotel room with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A photo posted online by the website InfoWars appears to show Paddock deceased and laying in a pool of blood

Picture of some of the weapons are seen below-

Earlier Tuesday, Boston25 posted exclusive photos taken inside the shooters hotel room showing gun, ammo, bipod, optics. The carpeting seems to be the same in both photos.

A large quantity of ammunition and 23 firearms were found, including AR-15-style, AK-47-style and .308 caliber rifles; two of the rifles were mounted on tripods and were equipped with telescopic sights. Authorities said Paddock had brought “in excess of 10” suitcases to the room. Audio recordings of the attack indicated that the perpetrator could have used a bump fire device or trigger activator to simulate full automatic operation. A bump fire stock was also found in the room.

We Will Have Exclusive Room Tour of the Room where this occurred prior to the massacre.



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  1. In the picture after UPDATE: the second picture is showing 3 feet. What’s up with that. Is this really a picture from his room????? Just curious..

    1. In the picture after the update the is a person wearing jeans and wearing black shoes. In all the pictures there are numerous spent as well as unspent .223 ammunition rounds from modern AR15 assault rifles. There are 16 fully loaded 5.56 ammunition clips for AK47 Kalashnikov assault rifles that are in the room. There is also in one of the pictures there is a roll of masking tape and sort of black object with a silver or aluminum top maybe a box cutter? The handgun in the first picture of Paddocks body is a .38 snub nose revolver. The blood splatter is not consistent with a suicide. The handgun has blood on the revolver possibly a palm print? The drops of blood shoe the gun has been moved from its original position just by the right side of his head. The position of his legs are not consistent with a suicide of a handgun to his mouth. A body does not drop in a perfect laying position when a gunshot to mouth occurs in a suicide. His mouth is full of blood which does indicate he was shot in the mouth. Although, the skull and eyes are not consistent with a suicide to roof of the mouth. I also have another picture that is not in this article that shows bullet holes in the left side entry door to his hotel room that are consistent with entry points and not exit points. You be the judge if you believe it is a suicide. Evidence of the crime scene proves quite the opposite.

      1. Ok, first off,
        -AR 15s are sporting rifles. M 4s and M 16s are assault rifles.
        -Next, AKMs (Avtomat Kalashnikov Modern aka AK 47) fire 7.62 x 39 not .223 or 5.56 and they are both (AR and AK) MAGAZINE fed. Clips are used to load magazines.

        We already know he fired through the door at hotel security -wounding one guard- so bullets holes in the door are explained at least in part.

        The rest is mostly spectulation. The investigation will take some time to complete, lets let the REAL CSIs do their jobs.

    2. Not 3 feet, his hand wearing a black glove and resting on AR stock. The wepon is left side down under his upper thighs with the barrel pointing toward wher his right hand is.

  2. Notice the shiny bright brass in the puddle of blood… was that fired post mortem?

    1. No. It was obviously already on the carpet, and then the blood came afterwards and soaked around it. Doesn’t take much working out, to be honest..

  3. does anyone else see that the gun is laying over his legs? like wouldnt it have been knocked over from the force of him shooting himself? looks like it was just placed over his dead body…

  4. Look at his left pupil is NOT blown. Have never seen a corpse without em fully dilated. I call out bullshit!

  5. That’s why we wait for the facts- -i don’t care how he looks or what is laying beside him or if the police shot him or a suicide, I am glad he is dead. PERIOD. I care about who is behind this and if there was a second shooter – -if so, is that person alive . I care about the $$ money – to the Philippines because ISIS is big there.

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