GOP Senators To Go Nuclear For Trump Picks

Senate Republicans are ready to confirm all of Trump’s picks for district court and executive nominations, therefore, they want to fire the “nuclear option” which will cut down on the amount of time required to confirm a candidate.

THE SENATE: Capitol Hill will confirm nominees for district court and executive sometime next week and Mitch McConnell is in favor of changing the rules the Republicans set in motion.

THE REPUBLICANS: Senators Roy Blunt and James Lankford were the two to set up this proposal.

Blunt stated, “I think we have 51 Republicans who would rather do it with 60 votes, most of us.”

“We cannot continue to let this current situation be the way we do business,” Lankford said.

THE BLUNT-LANKFORD PROPOSAL: The resolution would reduce the amount of debate time required the nominees.

THE SENATE: The Senate allows 30 hours of debate for the nominees even after they can defeat a filibuster and be confirmed.

THE BLUNT-LANKFORD PROPOSAL: This proposal would reduce that extra time as few as two hours.

THE SENATE: Supreme Court nominees, appeals court judges, Cabinet picks and roughly a dozen boards and commissions would be exempt from the proposed change.

THE BLUNT-LANKFORD PROPOSAL: They would only need 60 votes to pass it without Democrat vote which will be difficult since the Dems show no support and one Republican does not either.

THE SENATE: The GOP has a 53-47 majority in the Senate.

CONCLUSION: The Republicans want every Trump nominee to enter the caucus as district court judges and executives but they need to fire the nuclear option to do so. The Nuclear option would reduce a lot of time on the Senate floor to debate for a nominee on the Democrat side. The proposal would only need 60 votes and the Republicans hold a 53 majority.

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