Conservative Justices Signal Approval of Citizen Question on 2020 Census

The GOP Supreme Court Justices showed they were in favor of the citizenship question while the Democrat Justices thought the Commerce Department acted arbitrarily in adding the question.

DEMOCRAT JUSTICES: The liberal judges repeatedly set their case as the population of each state will be a wrong accuracy because of the number of people who will not want to respond to the survey.

COMMERCE SECRETARY: Wilbur Ross, announced there would be a citizenship question on the next census which set off a series of legal challenges ever since from groups of states.

2020 CENSUS: Census data is used to determine federal funding, and opponents of the citizenship question argued Tuesday that asking about a resident’s status would hurt states with larger populations of non-citizens.

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION: Ross and the Trump administration have repeatedly disputed that argument, saying the question is needed for better enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.

SOLICITOR GENERAL FRANCISCO: Francisco said the administration would have a better collection of citizenship data by asking about it on the decennial survey than it would be by relying on available records and other statistical models to determine the share of non-citizens in the overall U.S. population.

CONCLUSION: The Supreme Court Justices has signaled approval of the citizenship question on the 2020 census to better understand the decennial survey of non-citizens in the population to actual citizens.

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