GOP is ready to take on Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff has become public enemy number one for Republicans after the Mueller investigation found no collusion.

REPUBLICANS: GOP has called for the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, to resign.

THE PRESIDENT: The President tweeted on Adam Schiff in a very dishonorable way

HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE: During a committee hearing, Mike Conaway, wrote up a letter signed by all of the nine GOP members of the panel calling for Schiff’s resignation. The letter also accuses Schiff of promoting a “demonstrably false” narrative that harms the panels’ integrity.

MIKE CONAWAY: Conway stated this to Schiff, “The findings of the special counsel conclusively refute your past and present assertions and have exposed you as abused your position to knowingly promote false information.”

ADAM SCHIFF: On Monday, Adam Schiff told CNN there is still plain evidence of collusion.

ADAM SCHIFF: Schiff pleaded his case still positively believing Trump colluded with Russia.

Watch his whole speech in HIC.

DEMOCRATS: Nancy Pelosi came to Schiff’s aid to defend him in his latest attacks, “I’m so proud of the work of Chairman Adam Schiff, in stark contrast to the irresponsible, almost criminal behavior of the previous chair of the committee.”

Democrats are now pushing for the Mueller report to come out publicly.

HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE: House committee leaders have set an April 2nd deadline for Barr to release Mueller’s report and underlying evidence to Congress in full, a deadline the Justice Department is almost certain to miss.

CONCLUSION: The feud is getting to it’s boiling point in Congress over Mueller’s findings, which have left Republicans celebrating and Democrats scrambling. The House Intelligence GOP members are chasing Schiff out as Chairman but Schiff is biting back and everyone is just in angst over the Mueller report.

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