GOP Go Nuclear for Trump Nominations to be approved Quickly

Republicans are standing up to Dems and will pass a rules change for hundreds of nominees to pass Trump’s nominees.

MITCH MCCONNELL: Mcconnell introduced a rules change for nominee’s voting in the Senate last week.

McConnell stated, “If we don’t stop this behavior now, it will become the norm.”

SENATE RESOLUTION 50: The resolution is called Senate Resolution 50, this resolution ultimately reduces debate time to as less as two hours.

This resolution is considered a Nuclear option used in partisan warfare used in these situations.

This is the second time a Nuclear option has been used from the Republicans to Democrats in the Senate.

REPUBLICANS: Republicans claim that Democrats have been holding the voting for the President’s nominees hostage because they have been waiting for so long just to vote.


SENATOR CHUCK GRASSLEY: Grassley stated, “Over the past two years, some in this body have decided that they will oppose any nominee suggested by President Trump.”

REPUBLICANS: On Tuesday, Republicans tried to pass a bipartisan solution that would implement the rules change without launching a Nuclear option. The bipartisan solution is called the Standing Order.

The Standing Order fell 60 votes short.

SENATOR JOHN THUNE: He stated, “Just imagine if Democrats’ behavior over the past two years becomes the norm. Presidents could be waiting years to adequately staff their administrations and the Senate would be perpetually tied up on unnecessary cloture votes, leaving less and less time to actually do the business of governing.”

Although, Democrats believe the complete opposite of the voting of these nominees.

SENATOR AMY KLOBUCHAR: She stated, “Why change the rules for lifetime appointments and give only two hours of debate? This change is not just unnecessary, it would allow fundamentally unqualified candidates from judges to administration officials and ambassadors to be confirmed.”

CONCLUSION: Senate Republicans and Democrats cannot come to an agreement when it comes to voting these executive nominees and circuit picks. Republicans simply want to vote in as many Trump picks as they can while Democrats have been getting in the way so this leaves Republicans to go Nuclear.

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