GOP Bucks Trump On Military Funds For Wall

The President is taking billions in military funds for his border wall and Republicans don’t like it.

The Trump Administration is taking roughly $3.6 billion in funds meant for the military and construction for the military, the President said he would get the funding for the wall and now we know from where.

Trump’s decision has sparked backlash and Republicans are openly concerned that Trump might be overriding the Congress’ government funding decisions and the separation of powers.

The Senate is positioned to vote on a resolution this month that would block Trump’s emergency declaration.

Although, the President has made it clear that he would veto anything that gets in his way for border wall funds.

The Administration has affirmed lawmakers that the military funds taken out for the wall will be “backfilled” during the upcoming cycle.

Tom Udall said, “We should be prepared for a raid on other accounts or even taking even more from military construction funding. These are military construction funds that Congress already has appropriated for specific projects necessary to support the national security priorities of the United States.”

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  1. Vote the bastards out of office better yet drag them out. They are Democrats not GOP

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