Globalists Have Full Access To Trump White House Via VP

Vice President, Mike Pence, has invited anti-trump millionares and billionares to the White House that funded any organization that would not let Trump win, but never worked out.

MIKE PENCE: He invited these megadonors to talk about the administrations legislative agenda and build better relationships.

Pence has invited all these globalists so they could give insight into what they want in American policy and legislation.

The best part billionaire and millionaire donors enjoy being in the White House is when they discuss policy and legislation.

WARREN STEPHENS: Stephens donated 5.3 million dollars to an organization to stop his candidacy.

ART POPE: Gave millions to stop Trump’s election win and many others like them too.

THE WHITE HOUSE: The most discussed subject was immigration and work visas for illegal aliens because many of the globalists preferred to keep work visas and migrants stagnant and to not lower the amount we have now.

CONCLUSION: Anti trump millionares and billionares were invited to the White House and when asked about immigration they simply stated they want to keep migrants in the country and have more illegal aliens working in America to keep salaries of Americans low but company revenue very high.

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