Giuliani SCOLDS CNN Demands They Issue Trump An Apology

President Trump’s lawyer demanded CNN to apologize for it’s extensive and dramatic coverage of the Russia investigation saying they have tortured him for two years straight.

RUDY GIULIANI: On Monday evening, Giuliani said in an interview, “you guys on this network have tortured this man for two years with collusion and nobody has apologized for it.”

“Before we talk about obstruction, apologize! Apologize for the overreaction on collusion,” he added.

CHRIS CUOMO: Cuomo was the reporter interviewing Giuliani for CNN and he responded to Giuliani’s demands with “not a chance.”

Cuomo believes there is still too many questions unanswered about the investigation.

RUDY GIULIANI: Giuliani responded telling Chris Cuomo that he is “not fair.”

Giuliani believes Washington Post, The New York Times, and CNN should all apologize but he did mention one actual person to apologize and that was House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff for pedaling the collusion accusations for another year.

Watch Giuliani and Cuomo’s interview

CONCLUSION: After Mueller has ended his investigation, Giuliani which is Trump’s lawyer, went on CNN to defend the President’s case and demand everyone who slammed him as a colluder to apologize  for “torturing” him for two years. Chris Cuomo still believes there are too many questions to conclude he is not guilty.

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