General Michael Flynn Publishes his Declaration of Innocence!

General Michael Flynn Publishes his Declaration of Innocence


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  1. Step 1 = a total pardon for Michael T. Flynn [ who we all knew was innocent ]. Step 2 = prosecute, to the fullest extent of the law, the corrupt DOJ & FBI officials [ AND those who prompted them from behind the scenes ]. Step 3 = clean up Government corruption, so that we, the American people, can trust our leaders.

  2. Michael Flynn a dedicated soldier who bravely represented the United States of America was set up for going against Barrack Obama. the illegal Alien Muslim deep state puppet who worked for the C.I.A. in Pakistan who was born in Kenya. The attack on Michael T Flynn is an attack on we the people of the U.S.A. The cost of this attack the loss of Michael’s family home is a cost that must be repaid. The C.I.A. led deep state that has carried out this attack in an attempt to destroy America accompanied in their efforts by the Democrat party from shore to shore border to border in every state where this evil has seized control. When we look at how they have brutally attacked this President in order to push their agenda we must realize the extent the left is willing to go to usher in a satanic new world order under a U.N. led one world Government. This effort included the deliberate release of the China or Wuhan flu relabeled the COVID 19 to redirect blame away from the source. John Roberts a reporter with Fox news was heard on an open mic saying the death rate of 0.1 is like that of a seasonal flu. Another reporter wearing a mask stated that it is just a hoax then John replied not a hoax but the media blew it way out of proportion. The Democrat Party used this to destroy President Trump as Globalist bankers manipulated the stock market to ensure fear gripped the nation. We must rise up as those seeking open borders, open society globalism God bless America.

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