FRENZY: Ladies FIGHT over Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

People all around the world and in the US are freaking out over the Coronavirus and its affecting people’s judgement when it comes to everyday tasks.

In the Video below two ladies argue over toilet paper and as you can see the isle is almost empty as people flock to stores to get essentials like toilet paper, napkins, water and cleaning supplies some of the essentials that officials have said to make sure you keep in stock now more than ever before.


This not the only footage from stores nation and worldwide where people are exhibiting bad judgement or Stores are being wiped clean of essentials


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  1. Weaponised virus and MSM stirred up viewers here in Australia
    Now i had the flu shot the last 2 years running
    First year got bad cough that made may breathing very raspy and that lasted the whole year then last year and was coughing up blood so whats going down

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