Fox News Crowd Cheers Bernie Sanders Medicare For All Pitch

Bernie Sanders appeared on Fox News when a crowd cheered ‘Medicare for All’ after Bernie pitched that at his campaign rally.

The Presidential nominees are stopping at nothing to reach as many voters or more as President Trump.

BERNIE SANDERS: Sanders tweeted out last night this.

he followed after tweeting about Medicare for All

Even though, 56% of adults surveyed by Kaiser approved of only one run government hospital in the Country.

When the adults realized it was going to raise taxes only 37% remained in favor.

The 37% is people 60 and over who know they won’t be affected much by the taxes.

CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN: Medicare for All is a universal issue that appeals to voters of all types,” said chairman of the progressive group Democracy for America. “I’m not terribly surprised that it got the kind of response that it did in the town hall, although it kind of seemed like it surprised the Fox News hosts.”

CONCLUSION: Many people want free health care but do not understand what exactly universal medicare does. Therefore, adults and millennials are walking into something they dont even know about or voting for someone without researching them.

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