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FDA Lifts Restrictions on Pills sold by Mail to bypass Abortion Bans!…

Biden’s FDA lifted restrictions on the abortion pill to combat new bans all over the country.

• The longstanding restriction that a woman must pick up the Pill in person has been axed by Biden’s FDA.

• According to the FDA, a “scientific review” supported Biden’s plan to allow access to more pharmacies and mail order services to use the mail to send women abortion pills.

• The FDA added that the pills must be prescribed by a doctor that has completed a special certification, and dispensing pharmacies must be registered with the agency to be allowed to mail the pills to consumers.

• Because of the Pandemic, the FDA had waived specific requirements and restrictions for medications by mail.

• This new FDA rule will vary by state as more than a dozen states have banned delivery by mail.

• The FDA approved the first abortion pill in 2000 called mifepristone, a pill that could terminate a pregnancy up to 10 weeks but must be taken with a hormone blocker called misoprostol.

• Now, over 40% of abortions are by Pill instead of surgeries

• The FDA has imposed limits on how the drug could be distributed, including barring it from regular pharmacies and requiring that all doctors providing the drug undergo special certification. Some of those regulations will remain in place but Vary by state.

• Women are also required to sign a form indicating they understand the medication’s potential risks when prescribed to them.

• Due to the pandemic, the FDA waived restrictions on how a consumer could pick up their medication except for the abortion pill. Now the FDA plans to change that.

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