FBI to require Bias Training after Public Credibility shot

The FBI will conduct political bias training and take several other steps in response to a Justice Department inspector general report that found several examples of bias in the ranks of the agency.

The FBI agreed that “the appearance of bias is disconcerting and potentially damaging to the FBI’s ability to perform its mission.” The FBI agreed to take steps to address eight major issues raised after the initial IG report was released, depicting political bias in the agency that might have influenced certain decisions during the Clinton probe.

The FBI said it would quickly start training to ensure that doesn’t happen. The FBI is instituting new political bias training, drawing from, among other sources, the training, guidance, and practices of the federal judiciary. To commence within 120 days, training will begin with senior leadership and the Senior Executive Service (SES) ranks, with the objectives of discussing the OIG Report, lessons learned, and the need for scrupulous, unwavering adherence to the policies and procedures intended to combat potential political bias,” the FBI as part of its formal reply to the IG report.

Watch FBI Director Wray Press Conference on released IG report-

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  1. (1) If there was no bias, why have “bias training” ? ? (2) The fish stinks from the head down: Director Wray cites good deeds of rank & file FBI agents to avoid admitting to corruption at the top. (3) Not all Americans are DUMBED – DOWN. I’m a little old lady on Social Security, and I can do a high school COMPARE & CONTRAST of the Clinton VS Trump investigations. (4) Are we a Banana Republic yet ? ?

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