Fake News CNN and MSNBC cut off Trump Immigration Speech

On Friday President Donald Trump showcased the stories of Angel Moms and Pops that are victims of Illegal Aliens killing their loved ones by homicide or Drunk Driving.  Golden State Times and the White House Played and Published the Speech in its Entirety without Interruption as other Fake News networks on TV blocked it or stopped it all together.


Both CNN and MSNBC interrupted their Friday coverage of the event. President Trump at the White House invited several families to tell their stories about relatives they lost to violence committed by illegal immigrants.

Before each of them gave separate thanks to Trump and made remarks about their personal experiences, Trump accused the news media of having “overlooked” them and instead focusing on the struggles of his aggressive crackdown on illegal immigration at the border.

CNN right before the Victims was set to talk about their loved ones being killed cut the transmission and said “Obviously our hearts go out to them” and “I’m not sure why attacks on the media are necessary there. then proceeded to cover the FAKE NEWS separation story they have been peddling for the last week.

MSNBC like clockwork also cut the transmission a few seconds after CNN and their host said “Of course their stories are indeed tragic,” and proceeded to show that Illegal Aliens commit less crime than anyone else in America.

SOYBOY Jim Acosta from CNN took to Twitter to defend the Criminal Illegal Aliens saying

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