Facebook to Present Democrat News Network

Since Facebook cant suppress Alternative news networks on their social Media site they will rather make the news themselves…

Facebook is set to unveil The Democrat News Network a new service called ‘WATCH’ Facebook is hoping of releasing it in the Summer just in time to meddle in the 2018 Midterms.

The DNN will be partnered with ABC, CNN, FOX, UNIVISION, ATTN also you will see Democrat party firebrands like Anderson Cooper and Socialist Jorge Ramos.

In the last few weeks, Facebook has gone through some changes from ending their Trending topics feature announcing that they will reduce the amount of news content in the news feed.

Facebook has been accused multiple times by their own users of suppressing Conservatives voices on the platform, Lawmaker on the hill grill Zuckerburg on this censorship to which he acted like he did have known this was going on


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