Extreme Liberal SLAMS Nancy as Privileged Old and Tired

Liberal activist and filmmaker, Micheal Moore, re-tweeted a post that trashed Nancy Pelosi after she dissed AOC leading the Progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives.

MICHEAL MOORE: Micheal Moore re-tweeted this post that trashes Pelosi in so many ways.

NANCY PELOSI: People are believing Pelosi wants to keep Trump as President ever since she explained that impeaching Trump is impossible unless you have all the Republican’s vote in it too.

NANCY PELOSI: Pelosi did down play AOC’s progressive group in the House but Pelosi also mentioned she identifies as a Progressive Democrat herself.

CONCLUSION: The liberal activist Micheal Moore retweeted a tweet about Pelosi being old and privileged. Micheal Moore is now against Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. Micheal Moore is among many liberal activists who do not follow Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. Michael Moore? He’s the one to talk about old, tired and privileged ways.
    So, what’s the plan — “let’s try to re-create Trump’s victory by making the most odious clowns throw dirt at Pelosi until she’s popular”?

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