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EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Hunter Biden Attempted to Broker $120 Million Oil Deal Between China and Treasonous Kazakhstan PM!…

New shocking emails obtained by reporters show Hunter Biden worked with disgraced and corrupt Kazahkstan prime minister Karim Massimov to pull off a $120 Million pipeline deal with China.

• Hunter conducted the deal with a former PM accused of Treason and a Chinese company under US Sanctions.

• Hunter Biden traveled to China and Kazakhstan in 2014 and 2015 to broker a deal on behalf of Burisma as a member of their board.

• The corrupt deal was a redo of a previous push that faced opposition from American and western energy firms.

• Devon Archer, a friend, and colleague at Burisma wrote to hunter via email that the deal could make them very rich.

• The new emails paint a picture of their plan to gran drilling rights to the Chinese by the Kazahstan government, but Burisma would operate the rigs and wells.

• It remains unclear if the deal ever went through.

• The state department is only sanctioning the Chinese company involved in Hunters’ email from drilling in the south China sea but can drill anywhere else in the world.


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