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Elon Musk to Pay Biggest Tax Bill in History, Almost 12 Billion for 2021!…

Elon Musk is no stranger to controversy, and some of his tweets have landed him in trouble. Still, his feud with radical democrat senator Elizabeth Warren has been very interesting, and now he has the power to shut her up once and for all.

• Elon Musk is on track to pay the largest tax bill in US history at a whopping $12 Billion.

• Radical senator Elizabeth Warren also known in some circles as Pocahontas, accused Space X, Telsa CEO, and Billionaire of not paying taxes and living off the rest of us.

• In 2021, however, he made a move that no CEO or founder has ever done, asking his Twitter followers if he should sell his tesla stock knowing well that he had to pay taxes on it.

• Elon Sold more than 13 Billion in stock through mid-December, making him pay the highest tax bill in US History.

• From that sale, he will have to pay the US Government more than 8.2 Billion in Taxes.

• This revelation comes in the heels of a Twitter war with radical Democrat senator Elizabeth warren Tweeting to Musk to pay his fair share in taxes and stop freeloading on everyone else.

• Musk responded to inform her that he would pay the highest tax bill in history and calling her, Karen told her to please don’t call the manager.

• Also, since Musk moved from California to Texas, California is also set to charge him on options he earned while living in the Golden State between state and federal taxes. Musk will end with a total of over 12 Billion in a tax bill.

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