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Elon Musk DROPS TRUTH BOMBS about US Government being a Corporation!

Billionaire and founder/ CEO of Space X, Telsa, and many many other companies is no stranger to controversy and saying crazy things but this time he did the impossible, he said the Truth of how America Runs…He said that the American Government is a corporation know as America Inc.


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  1. The Government (DemonRats 🐁) are Commies. They Live for Power 👊OVER The People & 💰💰💰💰. They steal from us & then spend OUR Hard earned 💸 on everything BAD for America. What have they done thats good for this Country since they took over 6 mo ago⁉️ Gas UP,Food prices UP, Inflation UP, Price for energy UP, Crime UP, Illegal Alien invasion UP, our freedoms being stomped on, Right to free speech being squashed UNLESS they agree with you, …it goes on & on……………..Is this what we want for our kids & grandkids⁉️

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