Dr Fauci Demands a More Aggressive Approach to Combat Coronavirus

Dr Fauci said on Sunday morning that he told President Trump: We need to be more aggressive toward combating the Coronavirus Epidemic.  On Meet the Press Sunday he was asked about a 14 day National Shutdown by Chuck Todd this was Fauci’s response…

  • Dr Fauci said he would rather America be ‘overly aggressive and get criticized for overreacting’ and that citizens should be prepared to ‘hunker down’ 
  • Dr Fauci says we need social distancing especially in those in high spread areas

SOURCE: NBC NEWS- Meet the Press

  • Fauci refused to rule out a 14 day national shut down as he said the US should be prepared to do ‘whatever it takes’ to tackle the pandemic 
  • He said it’s ‘possible’ the US death toll could near 2 million if mitigation and containment efforts fail
  • Recent Numbers of Infected and Dead from coronavirus World Wide


  •  ‘Although that’s possible, it is unlikely if we do the kinds of things that we’re essentially outlining right now,’ he said Sunday morning 

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