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Dollar Loses Value as Investors Lose Faith in US Economy…

As runaway inflation gets more out of control, the fed signals that interest rates will rise earlier than expected and that the dollar will lose its value.

• The dollar has dropped to the lowest level against the Euro since November of 2021

• Consumer prices surged 7% in December alone, the highest in 40 years.

• Producer prices rose 9%, the most significant annual jump since 2010 when first calculated.

• The dollar faltering is the first sign that investors are losing faith in the American economy which can worsen if Inflation isn’t remedied

• New report on Golden State Times states that Inflation is last in Biden’s priority list.

• Crude prices are heading to over $100, and natural gas prices are rising.

• The price for commodities is set to explode since everything is traded and bought in dollars

• Price for Energy, agriculture, oil, and metals, to name a few, will rise as a result of a faltering US dollar.


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