DOJ Working On New Rules For Illegal Immigration Courts

The Attorney General, William Barr, has set up big changes for the courts that decide whether immigrants will stay in the U.S. or be deported.

DOJ: The DOJ is about to issue rule changes that would make it easier for an appellate judge panels to decide on the entire immigration system.

The proposed change would reportedly give the 21 judge appeals court system more authority to set precedents, with fewer judges participating in those decisions.

This would allow changes to immigration law to be made more rapidly and consistently.

APPEALS COURT: The appeals court has 15 permanent judges and six temporary fill ins to those cases.

The Justice Department did put up listings on filling six seats permanently but changed some rules; Appeal judges could serve as a lower-court immigration judge at the same time, and they would not have to relocate to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Falls Church, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

CRITICS: Those who oppose of this rule change fear officials handpicking appeals appellate judges from the ranks of lower-court judges with the highest deportation rates.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The President has made it clear that the immigration system needs to be fixed and he even warned Congress, DOJ, and FBI to do something about it or he will close the borders.

The President responded to the DOJ decision to change these rules said, “They have to get rid of the whole asylum system because it doesn’t work, and frankly, we should get rid of judges, ” he said.

“You can’t have a court case every time somebody steps foot on our ground,” the President added.

CONCLUSION: AG Barr has impressed the DOJ once again, the appeals judges court will now have six seats open but all must be part lower court immigration judge as well as appeals judge. The 21 judge appeal court system will have less judges to decide on immigration changes.

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