DNC lays Groundwork to Blame Russia after they get Destroyed at Midterms

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has notified the FBI of what it believes to be an attempt to hack into its voter database, according to Wednesday news reports.

A Democratic source told CNN that the organization received an alert early Tuesday that a fake login site had been created to try and obtain usernames and passwords from those seeking to access the database.

The alert was reportedly issued by the cloud service provider for the database and the San Francisco–based security firm Lookout. The fake pages were designed to look like the site used by Democratic officials and candidates across the country to access a service called Voterbuilder, which itself hosts the voter database.

This comes one day after Microsoft announced that it had shut down six fake domains mimicking websites for the Senate and two conservative think tanks. The company said that it had “no evidence these domains were used in any successful attacks before” the company seized them, “nor do we have evidence to indicate the identity of the ultimate targets of any planned attack involving these domains.”

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