DNC Adds another 160k in debt as backers Flee

The DNC has reported that they have added more than $162,000 in debt in an…

amended FEC report filed this week.

The DNC initially reported that they were 6.1 Million dollars in debt as of March 2018 but reports this week state that with the added 160k or more debt brings their total to about $6.3 Million of debt.

Previous reports have stated that funding for the DNC has gone through a dry spell as backers fleed and was adamant about giving the DNC any money until they hade a clear message for the 2018 Mid-Terms.

The RNC as of March 2018 has 0 debt according to their FEC filing, also the RNC has almost four times as much cash as the DNC.

The RNC success in fundraising is mostly due to president Trump getting donations through his website by patriots and Supporters.

DNC Chair Tom Perez is struggling to keep up with his Republican counterpart, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel. The RNC doubled the DNC’s fundraising in 2017 and has continued running well ahead of the DNC in 2018.

We will have to see how that Plans out in the 2018 Mid-Terms and well into the 2020 Election.

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