Disney’s Bob Iger Wants to be Ambassador to China…

Disney CEO is being considered for a Role in the Biden Administration and many people are not really surprised as to what position he might be assigned to…wait for it…Ambassador to China or maybe the UK but most likely China.

Whats Happening:

  • Walt Disney executive chairman Bob Iger told people close to the incoming Biden administration he’s interested in serving as ambassador to China

  • Iger is reportedly ‘at the top of President-elect Joe Biden’s wish list’ for a key ambassador post, likely in China or the UK, according to a Wednesday report 
  • Iger has led Disney for 15 years and has a long-running relationship with China and appeasing to Chinese CCP Censors.
  • Disney has been heavily criticized for pandering to China so they can do business there going as far as adapting movies and out right censoring them just so they can air there 
  • Whoever takes on the role of ambassador to China will have to deal with high tensions amid the ongoing trade war and human rights abuses  
  • Iger supported Biden in the 2020 race and gave $500,000 to his campaign 

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