Disgraced Dems Want To Move On From The Disastrous Green New Deal ASAP

Democrats and Republicans have been ready to move on from The Green New Deal since it was struck down days ago and onto new legislations with improvements.

AOC: After Mitch McConnell set up Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution for failure, she and lawmakers are ready for new climate change legislations.

DEMOCRATS: Democrats are preparing new bills to introduce that include Green New Deal aspects and ideas embedded.

Ocasio-Cortez is now focusing on smaller bills in effort to pass a climate change bill in 2020.

Either way, all climate change bills are back to the House floor where Ed Markey is hopeful of passing a bill through soon.

ED MARKEY: “Committee after committee have had the first hearings that haven’t been held for eight years. And ideas and legislation will start emanating from committee after committee looking specifically at what has to happen,” Markey stated.

THE SUNRISE MOVEMENT: the youth activist organization that demands attention for climate change, depreciated the Green New Deal.

Co-founder of the organization said, “It was never created with the intention of passing.”

Communications director of The Sunrise Movement said, “Ocasio-Cortez’s office is working on legislation in coming weeks and months.”

“It won’t just be a resolution, it would be a bill that we’d want to pass through Congress that have the principles of the Green New Deal,” he added.

CORBIN TRENT: Communications director for Ocasio-Cortez said, “We’re trying to work with folks in the House and outside groups to turn this idea into more tangible, actual legislation, for sure. The actual nuts and bolts of this is going to take a lot of people and a lot of work and a lot of thinking and putting these ideas and this vision into action. It’s not the easiest thing to do.”

“I think the goal here is to get this work done. We’ve seen more and more folks are co-sponsoring this legislation in the House and in the Senate. More and more candidates are getting behind this as a concept, and I think the next step is fleshing out the plans and bills and making this thing a reality,” he added.

RHIANA GUNN-WRIGHT: Co-founder and executive director of New Consensus explained where Ocasio-Cortez reflected, “I think the idea is you never let your message get too far out ahead of the substance, and we have definitely created a vacuum and left space for people to fill with what they think the Green New Deal is based on their assumptions and past experiences. It’s certainly a danger, but it’s a danger worth taking by ensuring we get front-line voices in,” she said.

Gunn-Wright also mentioned that Ocasio-Cortez new bill will not be ready until early 2020.

THE PRESIDENT: The President was obviously not satisfied with the bill being voted on the Senate because he believes it is the worst thing ever but he knew how easy it would be to fight it off.

HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Matt Gaetz has been working on an alternative bill named the Green Real Deal.

GOP SENATORS: Senators Romney, Graham, and Alexander are looking into introducing a federal program to incentivize business investment in carbon technologies.

SENATOR LAMAR ALEXANDER: Soon to be retired Alexander says, “I believe that human emissions are a major cause of climate change.”

He introduces the New Manhattan Project in a tweet.

CONCLUSION: Democrats are ready to move on to a bill that makes more sense for the American people but also embed The Green New Deal principles that would be ready in 2020. Republicans who believe in climate change are working on implementing their own climate change measures to push before the Dems do.

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