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Did the Supreme Court Leak come from a Justice? Roberts Confirms Opinion as Legitimate!…

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts has confirmed that the opinion on overturning Roe V Wade is legitimate.

The draft opinion of Justice Alito that was leaked to Politico has been authenticated by the Supreme court Chief Justice, John Roberts.

Roberts states that the court will open an investigation to determine who leaked the document and why.

Even though the document has been authenticated, Roberts said it’s not the court’s final decision.

Roberts told reporters that the leak would not affect the court’s work in any way.

Roberts told reporters in a statement, “We at the Court are blessed to have a workforce — permanent employees and law clerks alike — intensely loyal to the institution and dedicated to the rule of law,” he went on to say, “This was a singular and egregious breach of that trust that is an affront to the Court and the community of public servants who work here.” he finished off by saying “I have directed the Marshall of the Court to launch an investigation into the source of the leak.”

According to sources, there is chatter that the leak could have originated from within the bench itself, but that is just speculation only and should not be taken as fact.


This is a developing story, check back for updates

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  1. They’ll come up with some lame excuse and person who did this, but it was well-planned by the
    DS/Left as an issue for the midterms. However, most Americans are againt murdering the unborn so that won’t go over any better than their free speech nightmare.

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