Did Joe Biden Just Threaten Lindsey Graham?

Senator Lindsey Graham has recently requested Information on Hunter Biden from the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo read the Letter below:

When asked by CNN’s Don Lemon about this, Joe Biden had this to say:

Our question is what did he mean by “he will regret this?”

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    1. It’s the same threats the seditious Obama administration used for 8 years on foreign heads of state and American leaders to criminalize the biggest PAY TO PLAY Theft of American assets and crimes in American Histrory, wait until Chinas scam is exposed & other countries. I.e IRAN. Hang them all by there necks for all of America to witness,Never to happen again

    2. Hunter did nothing. Really Joe if t the millions were nothing. Well then I’d hate to see what you call something

  1. How does Biden think he and his son is above the law? Is he shaking in his corrupt shoes? Could the average AMERICAN get away with this? Think for yourselves people. Biden and many more equal corruption. We the people need to get to the truth.

  2. Please you did it all of America seen the video of you demanding that the prosecutor investigating your son be fired and you demanded it by using our tax dollars as your bargaining leverage! You are truly a criminal and I pray you have to answer for your crimes

  3. More and more Americans are interested in what was going on with Hunter. Why did he get 12 times the normal salary of a qualified person in that position? Simple question!

  4. FINALLY!! The senate is beginning the investigation into corruption involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. I look forward to a FULL PROSECUTION of this obvious corruption and Joe Biden KNOWS he is guilty and so is his son! The “threats” by Joe Biden should be considered obstruction of justice!!

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