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DHS is Asking the Pentagon for Help as Migrant Caravans Storm the Border

DHS has requested help from the Pentagon guarding the southern border as border crossings have reached a critical point 

• During the Senate Armed Service Committee, Gen. Glen Vanherck, head of North American Command, was asked if the Biden administration had requested DHS for additional troops at the southern border.

• The Northern command general told ranking member Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma “Sen. Inhofe, there is a request from the Department of Homeland Security,” Vanherck went on to say“It is in the planning stages right now of the department to provide additional capability or capacity based on the potential for additional immigration, or folks coming to the southwest border.”

• These new developments come just months after two DHS officials told Reporters that the border could see a massive influx this spring, potentially reaching 9,000 arrests per day.

• The new shocking numbers is higher than last summer at around 6500 per day, To help CBP is sending additional agents to the Mexican border to help address the spike in apprehensions according to the agency.

• Officials are bracing for a possible influx of up to 170,000 people in April alone.

• CBP said in a statement “Due to fluctuations along the Southwest Border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is deploying additional Border Patrol agents to the Rio Grande Valley Sector area of operation,”

• DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requested assistance from volunteers from agencies within the department to combat the expected surge.

• The surge is also happening at the same time that the democrats want to end title 42 deportations due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Where in the world do you think we need to put millions more. Biden stopped the food supplies. And is about to start a war while shutting off our gad After killing our jobs and economy.
    Oh yeah more to keep up.
    And the Human Health And services of Texas just gave me $18.00 a month to buy groceries to live on for a month My son talked me into applying As I live on SS . So this morning they gave me the grand total of $18.00 . But I can bet you they will be at the border to throw the entire welfare system at them
    You think they were racist I am white Blacks and illegals get what ever they want. But whites get nothing. Government stats show White people only get .02% of welfare across America . There is the real racist bigots. I am legal and my Ancestors were here first. I guess I am suppose to buy a loaf of bread and a half gallon of milk So I should eat a half slice of bread a day and a swallow of milk for 30 days until the next month to receive my $18. 00 Plus walk 14 miles to the store and 14 miles back. In Texas the stores are not close . I am 73 and never ask for anything My white privilege crap as to work hard all my life. And my husband died last year.
    Here’s The Governments plan to kill all of us old people so they can take our SS to give to their illegals

  2. Shakespeare wrote : “What is in a name ? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
    So, can anyone think of alternative names for “migrant caravans” ? How about “non-uniformed invaders” ?

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