DESPERATE Dems Rally at Supremes Door to Save Disastrous ObamaCare

On Tuesday, House and Senate Democrats desperately rallied to the Supreme Court to ask the DOJ to reverse ruling ObamaCare as unconstitutional.

THE SUPREME COURT: In December of 2018, all of ObamaCare was ruled as unconstitutional after Congress repealed its penalty for not having insurance.

DEMOCRATS: On Tuesday, Democrats desperately tried to get the Supreme Court to reverse ObamaCare as unconstitutional but they denied to do so and did not reverse it.

DOJ: The DOJ disagreed with the law’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions should be thrown out from ObamaCare but then recently agreed to keep these people protected too.

DEMOCRATS: Democrats are desperately trying to find a way to save ObamaCare and protecting those with pre-existing conditions under ObamaCare Health Insurance.

NANCY PELOSI: Pelosi highlighted parts of ObamaCare she is trying to save which is parent’s children can stay on their health insurance until the age of 26.

THE PRESIDENT: The President tweeted that Republicans do have a better health insurance plan than ObamaCare.

Trump mentioned his health care will support those with existing conditions and the HealthCare plan will be voted on right after The Senate overturns ObamaCare.

CHUCK SCHUMER: Schumer said this about the new healthcare plan, “Republicans are not the party of health care. They are the party that wants to end your health care.”

CONCLUSION: The Supreme Court denied to reverse ObamaCare as unconstitutional. The President is ready to end ObamaCare but the Republicans are very doubtful their Healthcare Plan is any better and do not want to face backlash if it falls out. The Democrats are desperately trying to save ObamaCare but it will not surpass the Senate.

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