Desperate Democrats Threaten to Subpoena to get FULL Mueller Report

On Wednesday, The House Judiciary Committee plans to vote on authorizing a subpoena for Mueller’s full report and any underlying evidence.

JUDICIARY CHAIRMAN NADLER: Nadler announced on Monday that he has scheduled a markup Wednesday for the committee to vote on authorizing subpoenas for the Mueller report.

AG WILLIAM BARR: Barr aid he expects the report to come out by mid April or sooner but still after the deadline the Democrats made for it.

JUDICIARY CHAIRMAN NADLER: The Attorney General should reconsider so that we can work together to ensure the maximum transparency of this important report to both Congress and the American people.

THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: The subpoenas will be sent out to five individuals who have failed to turn over documents from the panel’s request during Trump’s probe.

Former White House Counsel, Donald McGahn, McGahn’s former deputy Ann Donaldson, former Trump campaign chairman Stephen Bannon, former White House communications director Hope Hicks and former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus will all be voted on to give subpoenas to or not.

JUDICIARY CHAIRMAN NADLER: “I am grateful to the many individuals who have cooperated with our initial request for documents. Regrettably, not everyone has chosen to voluntarily cooperate with the Committee at this time. I am particularly concerned about reports that documents relevant to the Special Counsel investigation were sent outside the White House, waiving applicable privileges.”

He added, “To this end, I have asked the Committee to authorize me to issue subpoenas, if necessary, to compel the production of documents and testimony.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler tweeted this.

CONCLUSION: The House Judiciary Committee will vote on issuing subpoenas to those requested from and The House Dems are getting really impatient with the Mueller report going public because they want to see everything for themselves.

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