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DeSantis Vows to Keep Kids in Schools as Omicron Surges in Florida…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vows to keep schools open in the sunshine states even if Omicron is ravaging the nation.

• DeSantis says that keeping kids out of classrooms is more damaging than the virus.

• The Governor has vowed to keep schools open for in-person learning across the state, and it doesn’t matter how many students and teachers get sick from the virus during the winter surge.

• At a Press conference on Tuesday, Ron DeSantis discussed his plan to prioritize at-home COVID testing for the elderly and those more prone to infection.

• Biden hopes to send COVID home tests to all Americans within the next few weeks.

• The Governor also highlighted his Surgeon General’s new policy for schools that states that only kids with symptoms would be kept out of in-person learning and switched to online school.

• DeSantis previously said: Our schools will be open in the state of Florida. If you look at the data that’s been amassed throughout the pandemic, it’s found that you have worse outcomes by closing schools,” he went on to say, “And so it’d be so damaging. Kids need to be in school.”

• DeSantis had this to say: Parents need to be assured that they’re going to be able to send their kids to school,” the governor said, arguing data showed that schools had not driven waves of the virus in the past. “Our universities are going to be open, our state universities, they’re going to have in-person instruction. I think any university that doesn’t do that should have to refund a hundred percent of the tuition to the parents.”

• He said he also opposed proposed vaccine mandates for children to attend public school.

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