Deputy AG defends Mueller amid charges of Anti-Trump Bias

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said Wednesday that he has no cause to remove Robert Mueller from the Russia investigation, as Republicans stepped up charges of “extreme” political bias on the special counsel’s team.


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  1. How can Hillary not B N Federal custody for each lie she told Congress. Just because she’s a Lawyer n keeps denieghing that she knows or remembers anything. She knows better than to record anything but there are records somewhere. Then there’s the collusion with Russia N 2010 Obama N Hillary will find out more about That N the Future I Pray God Bless

  2. This whole FBI story is like a soap opera — a new twist & turn every day. We see the obvious: double standard is an understatement. While Hillary Clinton got a “get-out-of-jail free card,” they search relentlessly for anything to use against President Trump. And, if they can’t find anything, they FABRICATE it. If not for Judicial Watch & a few honest congressmen, all this government corruption at the highest levels would still be covered up.

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