Dems TRIGGERED after Barr Skips House Testimony on Mueller Probe

Attorney General William Barr, didn’t attend a testimony with the House Judiciary Committee after a motion was passed to allow an additional hour for committee staff to ask AG Barr questions as well as committee members.

AG BARR: The Attorney General spent four hours yesterday testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee but he had already stated he would not attend his testimony with House Judiciary Dems if they allowed committee staff to as questions and that is exactly what happened.

A spokes person for the Justice Department stated, “Unfortunately, even after the attorney general volunteered to testify, Chairman Nadler placed conditions on the House Judiciary Committee hearing that are unprecedented and unnecessary,” she also mentioned that Barr believed the motion passed for committee staff to question him was “inappropriate.”

HOUSE JUDICIARY DEMS: The Justice Department did not respond to the subpoena the House Judiciary Committee issued for a redacted version of the 448 Mueller report that was supposed to be submitted by Wednesday.

The House Judiciary Committee still went forward with the hearing despite AG Barr’s seat being empty and the Dems were infuriated.

HOUSE JUDICIARY REPUBLICANS: Republicans on the panel voiced their opinions and thoughts of Nadler of making unreasonable demands after the AG volunteered to attend the testimony.

DOUG COLLINS: Collins called the whole situation a, “circus political stunt.”

THE HEARING: The hearing lasted about half an hour with Nadler stating he will give AG Barr a contempt citation for not attending the hearing.

JERRY NADLER: The House Judiciary Committee Chairman stated, “If he does not provide this Committee with the information it demands and the respect that it deserves, Mr. Barr’s moment of accountability will come soon enough.”

CONCLUSION:  The AG Tiggers the House Judiciary Committee after he decided not to show up, at first, volunteered to go but after Nadler passed a motion for an additional hour of the committee staff to ask him questions as well. The House Judiciary Committee plans to contempt citation on the AG for not providing a less redacted version of the Mueller report.

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