Dems Demand Mnuchin Release President Trumps Taxes

On Thursday House Democrats pressed Steve Mnuchin if he would comply with a request to turn over President Trump’s tax returns.

THE HOUSE DEMOCRATS: Lloyd Doggett, asked during a House Ways and Means Committee hearing, “Are you willing to provide and fulfill the command of the statute, and your mandatory duty to properly release any personal and business tax returns for President Trump that you’re requested to provide?”

STEVE MNUCHIN: The Treasury Secretary responded, “The answer is, if I receive a request, which I presume from what I’ve read in the press I will receive, I will consult with the legal department within Treasury and I will follow the law.”

COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN RICHARD NEAL: Tax returns cannot be requested until the Committee Chairman requests it under the 6103 section but Committee Chairman, Richard Neal has yet to request the returns and formally start the process.

STEVE MNUCHIN: “I’m not aware if there’s ever been a request for an elected official’s tax return, but we will follow the law and we would protect the president as we would protect any individual taxpayer under their rights,” Mnuchin stated.

THE PRESIDENT: President Trump is the only presidential candidate to not release his tax returns like prior candidates but it was never something he had to do, only candidate tradition not mandatory.

THE HOUSE DEMOCRATS: The Democrats believe the President’s tax returns could expose a conflict of interest which is why they are asking Mnuchin if he would turn over Trump’s tax returns.

CONCLUSION: The House Democrats pressed Mnuchin if he would turn over Trump’s tax returns if he was ordered by the Committee Chairman, Richard Neal, but Neal has not yet formally ordered a 6103. The Democrats keep the search going for anything to impeach The President.

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