Democrats Want To Legalize Prostitution

Kamala Harris appeared on The Root and explained why she is in favor of decriminalizing prostitution for adults.

Harris is running for President 2020 and she has a lot to say for what she believes including the legalization of prostitution, she believes as long as there is consenting adults, they should not be incarcerated for purchasing sex from one another.

Harris claims she is against child sex trafficking and is an advocate for the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act which is in favor for shutting down websites such as Backpage that allows prostitutes to screen their clients for their own safety, making this website a safe outlet to use in order to cause less harm in the life of prostitution.

Harris says she does not regret taking action to shut down the website because they made their revenue by selling child sex work.

Kamala Harris also explained that the women of prostitution should not be incarcerated but the johns and pimps should be the ones getting arrested and convicted.

Watch the full clip of Kamala Harris talking about prostitution on The Root

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  1. That would not be a surprise, they have many mentors and pimps ready to sell the (|). The surprise to me is what took them so long. While they are at it, legalize marijuana for recreational use. Paying $400.00 for a medical card is stupid..

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