Democrats Try To Piece Together A Crumbling Party

The Democratic party has gone through embarrassing defeats in Congress due to their own party going against votes and siding with Republicans. Nancy Pelosi has been trying to avoid change it it now seems as if it is inevitable.

“A vote yes is to give leverage to the other side, to surrender leverage on the floor of the House,” Nancy Pelosi complained about her party voting with Democrats.

The House Majority Leader, has been struggling with keeping her party in order and says, “Let’s make life easy. Just vote against them.”

She is now begging her party to vote lock-step against any GOP motion.

Representative Mike Johnson said this about the Democrat party, “It’s sad and unfortunate if they would try to change the rules of the game just because they’re losing, but apparently that’s where they are now.”

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, brought up a great point saying, “Less than 60 days into a new majority they want to silence a minority? That’s wrong,” he said.

The GOP was in control of The House for 2o years and not once tried to change their party rules and not even now that they are not in control.

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