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Democrats Target USPS Operations with New Bill that just Passed House…

The Democrat-controlled house has passed a bill that seeks to reform the USPS financials and operations.

• Bill h.r 3076 passed by a vote of 342-92 with 120 RINOS joining all Democrats in support.

• Both Democrats and Republicans introduced the Bill in a push to pass the bipartisan legislation.

• The post office has been operating at a loss for more than a decade. It’s projected to run out of funds by 2024.

• The USPS losses have been because of declining mail volume and cost of workers comp. And debt, lots of debt.

• The new Bill would try to save the USPS by eliminating the existing requirement to pre-fund retirees’ health benefits which are projected to save the institution over 27 billion in over a decade.

• The new Bill would force USPS to enroll retirees into medicare, saving them about $23 billion.

• The Bill would also reform the USPS’ transparency and delivery standards.

• New reports state Americans have come to rely on the USPS during the pandemic, maybe due to all the stimulus the Biden Administration has been handing out.

• The new reform will also make the USPS deliver mail and packages six times a week. The agency will also have to develop an online dashboard with service performance data updated on a weekly basis.

• Democrats want the USPS to testify to congress semi-annually on implementing any new strategic plans it comes up with throughout the year.

• Biden has signaled that he would sign the bill into law if it reached his desk.

• The Administration said in a statement: “We support efforts to strengthen the United States Postal Service, including by providing Postal employees with the dignity, fair play, and employer-provided benefits they have earned.”

• Luis Dejoy (Trump appointee) says that he also supports the Bill.


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    1. Yup but Peter Biden secretly plans to keep all the money. Cause Hunter needs more paint and a new laptop.

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