Democrats take down POW/MIA Flags and Replace them with Transgender Flags

The National Center for Transgender Equality sent flags to Capitol Hill to commemorate Trans Visibility Week but Democrat lawmakers took it upon themselves to remove POW/MIA flags that commemorate military troops who are Prisoners of War or Missing in Action with the Transgender flag.

BERNIE SANDERS: Democrat presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, tweeted a picture of the Transgender flag and the American flag next to each other where the POW/MIA flag should have been.

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE: Made it’s first implementation of a ban on the enlistment of people who are taking hormones or transitioning or have transitioned to a different gender.

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: On Thursday, the House voted 238-185 on a non-binding resolution to oppose the policy, which will go into effect next month.

DEMOCRATS: Nancy Pelosi replaced her POW/MIA flag with the Transgender flag too because of protest.

NANCY PELOSI: Pelosi said she supports her resolution to go through because, “there is no moral justification for this ban, which violates every value of our American democracy.”

CONCLUSION: In honor of Trans visibility week, The National Center for Transgender Equality, sent Transgender flags to Capitol Hill to all offices.

Mostly, Democrats put them up and replaced POW/MIA flags for Transgender flags in the name of protesting the Transgender ban.

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  1. Replacing the POW/MIA flag is just wrong. Why do we have to choose between the two…not enough room on the flag pole? Why not have both instead of causing division…

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