Democrats Plan for Border Security Backfires

The influential group of immigration activists, United We Dream, lashed out at the Democratic parties’ plans for border security to still be too cruel toward illegal immigration and immigrants.

Cristina Jimenez, executive director and co founder of ‘United We Dream’ spoke out against the Dems stating, “With 15,000 children locked in cages right now, deaths in detention camps, families being ripped apart every day and the eyes of the world watching for leadership, this ‘not as bad as the Republican’ plan is malpractice.” The democrats are sending more money to the deportation force instead of funding money towards the wall which is more humane than the deportation force according to the immigration activists of America.

Overall, the Democratic plan would boost ICE funding by $369 million last year, to $7.4 billion, and boost the CBP by $278 million, to $14.3 billion.

The CBP figure is higher than President Trump requested last year of $5.7 billion in border wall money.

Democrats’ plan envisions no extra money for additional border patrol agents. A six-page summary of the plan said a model to justify any increase is “long overdue.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday said there will be no wall money in the homeland security funding legislation, though she did leave the door open for some money for fencing.

Mr. Trump said Mrs. Pelosi was playing games and that he didn’t expect negotiators to ultimately strike a deal on wall funding.

The federal government faces the prospect of another partial shutdown if lawmakers don’t come to an agreement by Feb. 15.

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