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Democrats Go After Social Media Giants to Force Them to Censor their Opposition!

The Democrats are now going after social media giants to suppress information they deem a threat to their propaganda and censor and silence conservatives.

Amy Klobuchar and Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico introduced a bill on Thursday that would hold tech companies accountable for spreading what they call health misinformation as they continue their political campaign to get you to take the coronavirus Vaccine.

The new bill will reform section 230 of the communications decency Act, something Trump and Republicans try to accomplish but are too weak and spinless. Now Klobuchar will achieve what the Republicans couldn’t.

Section 230 gives social media companies a legal liability shield against posts uploaded to their sites by a third party. The bill targets the algorithms used by sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The New bill dubbed the Health Misinformation Act would direct HHS to issue guidelines about what the Biden administration constitutes as health misinformation.

Klobuchar said in a statement, “The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how lethal misinformation can be, and it is our responsibility to take action,”

This is just another example of the Democrats trying to restrict speech and rip the first amendment from the constitution.

Late last week, Biden’s White House Press Secretary told reporters that Biden would be sending CEOs of all the major social media’s guidance on how to ban people for what they are calling Vaccine misinformation.


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  1. Vaccine misinformation? The vaccine is not FDA approved. It is a experiment. If you are going to bash republicans and call them names you should know it is spineless. Not spinless. It is quite obvious you are a member of the Satanic Democratic Cult. As a reporter you should report unbiased news and not show support for either cult.

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