DEMOCRATS FRET: Mueller Testimony Postponed a week

The Mueller testimony has been pushed back at least a week, but why?

We are here to try to solve the last minute decision by house democrats and their squirrely chairman Nadler to postpone the July 17th House committee on camera circus.

Reports state that Nadler has set a new date for the hearing to July 24th after negotiations with Mueller and his team has entered a new phase.
The original plan by Nadler and his democrats was for Mueller to testify at two hearings before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, in that testimony, lawmakers were limited to about two hours of questioning before each committee.

Under this agreement, 22 lawmakers would be able to ask questions, and not much time would be available for elaborations or follow-ups.

Now the House Judiciary Committee is negotiating with Mueller to allow Democrats and Republicans 30 minutes of additional questioning each at the hearing. A spokesman for the House committee stated that if no deal is made the testimony could happen on the 17th.

“There is no deal. At this moment we still plan to have our hearing on the 17th,” said a Judiciary Committee spokesman.

When asked the Republican minority leader Doug Collins said that the Democrats have the last say when it comes to the time and length of question allowed to ask Mueller.

The Judiciary panel has 41 Democrats, and a few lawmakers would not be able to question Mueller under the first deal.

The Intelligence panel of lawmakers, in contrast, has 22 members, meaning all committee lawmakers would have the opportunity to question Mueller, that is the reason now Mueller has to renegotiate to try to get both Republicans and Democrats more time to continue this circus.

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