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Democrats Demand New Hampshire and Iowa be Stripped of Early Primary Status…

New Hampshire and Iowa have long Prided themselves for being first in the nation every four years to hold presidential caucuses and primaries. Now that’s under attack by the Democrats over racist and trivial identity Politics.

Iowans love to brag that they are the first in the nation to cast their vote in the nomination process. It’s good optics for the state as every democrat and republican candidate stops in the state and brings nationwide coverage during the slow winter months. On the other hand, New Hampshire loves to note that they are the first primary in the nation and even passed a law requiring the secretary of state to move the election to be at least a week before any other country. Except for Iowa because the caucuses in the state don’t count.

The pride that new Hampshire and Iowa shared is now at risk because of the Democrats because they say the two states don’t deserve to be first since they are prominently “White” states. The Democrats are at the moment holding debates on whether the two states who they are dubbing “white States” are worthy of being first. According to reports, the DNC is holding secrete meetings on what to do with these states, and some say that Iowa and New Hampshire should not be allowed to go first since their voters don’t represent their vision of America. Rep Harry Reid (Nevada) and Rep. James Clyburn (South Carolina) are throwing their hat in the game and requesting their respective states be considered instead.

The GOP believes that the way things are is working and doesn’t need to be messed with. They said that almost all of the 2024 Republican Presidential hopefuls already went or are planning to go to those two states to get a very early lead.

This is painted as a good thing regarding voter representation. Still, in reality, it’s just a ploy concocted by the Democrats who want to play identity Politics and Push racist agendas. Many in New Hampshire, including Democrats, are pushing back against the democrat idea of race-based voting. Bill Shaheen, a New Hampshire DNC operative, is fighting back against the Democrat narrative of using skin color to determine the Primary Schedule.

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