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Democrats BETRAY Israel by Nixing $1B of Funding for their Iron Dome…

*A note from the Editor*

This is the Democrat’s next radical tactic since the Republicans told the Democrats they are on their own when it comes to the debt ceiling. The Democrats will cut the funding and blame the Republicans for this move and Israel will take the Democrats’ side.  The Republicans MUST NOT cave to this crooked scheme, but they will because they have no spine and no balls. 


House Democrats will remove funding initially allocated in the bill for Israels’ Iron Dome Defense System to keep the government funded until the first week of December.

A wing of the Democrat party objected to the move by Democrat leadership, according to reports.

Democrats still have to bring the legislation onto the house floor for a vote, but Congress must act on it before the end of the month to avert another government shutdown.

According to Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro, funding for the Iron Dome will be in the Final bipartisan defense funding bill later this year.
The conflict with defunding the iron dome has caused some frustration between Centrist and the radical wing of the Democrats on Biden’s infrastructure agenda. Moderates want Democrat leadership to vote on the 1.2 trillion needed to rebuild infrastructures like roads and bridges. Still, the radicals want the 3.5 trillion spending package to be up for a vote to fund useless “human” infrastructure like childcare and free insurance for illegal aliens. The 3.5 Trillion bills are still being considered under the budget reconciliation process, allowing the Democrats to get around the Republican filibuster in the senate.

Even if the stopgap measure passes, the government will only be funded until December 3rd, making lawmakers work on long-term spending bills for the fiscal year.
The bill will also suspend the debt limit until the end of 2022. Still, Republican Mitch McConnell already said that the Republicans vow to oppose any measure as a form of protest against the democrat’s reconciliation bill and stated that any of these issues would have to be resolved without any Republican help. In classic GOP form, they also said they didn’t want the nation to default on their debt obligations, potentially meaning that they might cave to their Democrat overlords.

Lastly, the bill also includes 28.6 Billion to help with the recent natural disasters that left destruction in Louisiana and up the east coast due to hurricane IDA and wildfires in California.


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