Democrat Congressman: McCain Will Make The “Right” Choice On Health Care Because He’s Dying

As the latest push to repeal ObamaCare looms, lawmakers are going crazy trying to find people to oppose or favor the new GOP healthcare legislation. One Democrat Congressman has pushed his opposition way to far, a video surfaced of him saying that Congressman John McCain will vote the “correct way” because he is dying.

THE GRAHAM-CASSIDY BILL: The Graham-Cassidy legislation would implement a block grant program that gives funding to states, which would then have a wide leeway on how that money is spent.

DRAMA: Late night host Jimmy Kimbel is locked in a fight of words with Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) over using personal experience to push different political stances on the Healthcare issue.

Also President Donald Trump sent out a tweet to Rand Paul and others opposing the the new Healthcare care bill saying if you appose it you will be forever known as “the Republican who saved ObamaCare.”

to which Senator Rand Paul said: despite President Donald Trump’s attacks on him for opposing the new GOP health care bill, the measure is a “fake” and he won’t support it.  Paul says top Republicans pushing the measure toward a showdown next week have been “tarting it up with special stuff” to try winning enough votes for it to pass.

He says he doesn’t resent Trump’s Twitter attacks on him for opposing the bill. He says, “I’m a big boy.”

Now we have Rep. Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania 17th congressional district who is caught on tape saying that Senator John McCain will vote the “correct” way, it seems some within the Democratic Party are hedging that McCain will do the right thing because he’s dying.


THE BILLS FUTURE: Is very unstable Once again, all eyes are on the usual suspects: Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and John McCain (R-AZ). Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is already a no vote.

The Vote is set to place next week, We will Stream it LIVE here

CONCLUSION: The Vote will shape up 2018 re-Election battlefield, this is it for the RINOS and GOP law makers to deliver on a Promise that they swore would happen.  When it comes to the Democrat that said the insensitive remarks about McCain, issued an apology last night, saying he reached out directly to the Arizona Republican and his family for his “insensitive” remarks. He wished him well and a speedy recovery.



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