Democrat Candidate Wants To Give Social Security To Illegal Aliens

Kristin Gillibrand is on the bottom of the Democratic pack running for President in the primary polls, Gillibrand said she wants to expand social security to cover all illegal aliens during her campaign in Iowa earlier this week.

KRISTIN GILLIBRAND: She is a caucasian woman from New York, she is a left wing Democrat who loves illegal immigrants so much she wants to give them money that is not theirs. She has been a Senator in New York prior to starting her campaigns and is not very well liked for her extreme views.


KRISTIN GILLIBRAND AS SENATOR: Gillibrand used to be an immigration hawk from voting yes to add more funding to ICE all the way to saying English should be the official language in America.

KRISTIN GILLIBRAND: Gillibrand said in an interview about immigration, “Because the truth is, everyone knows that diversity is a strength no matter where you go in this country, because they see it. So I would just remind them about why immigration and our story as Americans shows that our strongest and best moments are when we welcomed immigrants and our lowest and darkest moments are when we did not, and remind people how important immigration is.”

CONCLUSION: Kristin Gillibrand is running for Democrat President and she is already campaigning all over the state, and in Iowa she explained that immigration is not a security issue and illegal aliens should be covered by social security as well even though she has funded ICE before and claimed English should be America’s first language.

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