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Death Row Inmates to Choose Electric Chair or Firing Squad in South Carolina!…

South Carolina Governor Henry McCaster Signed into law a bill that would require inmates on death row to choose between firing squad or electric chair if lethal injections were not readily available, stopping the pause on executions that have lasted over a decade.

Bill signed late last week. It requires the state to use lethal injection for executions, but it will force the inmate to choose a firing squad or electric chair if the drugs are not readily available.

According to the AP, the last execution in South Carolina took place in 2010, but the batch of injection used expired in 2013. Around the same time, pharmaceutical companies refused to sell authorities the necessary drugs to perform lethal injections.

3 Death row inmates are taking advantage of the shortage of Lethal injection drugs under the old rule. Since they choose to die by lethal injection, they haven’t been put to death, but this new law evens the score they will have to choose electric chair or firing squad. As of right now, it is unclear when the law will take effect. Authorities state that law enforcement authorities are researching firing squads from DATA conducted by states like Mississippi and Oklahoma that still use firing squads.

RINO Republicans voted against the bill stating that they previously voted to ban abortions and that all life is sacred.

Lawyers and Radical left-wing nonprofits plan to sue the states to stop this law from going into effect. Arguing that “These are execution methods that previously were replaced by lethal injection, which is considered more humane, and it makes South Carolina the only state going back to the less humane execution methods,” Lindsey Vann of the nonprofit Justice360 told the AP.

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