Cruz Slams Democrats Saying They Are Bat Crap Crazy

Senator Ted Cruz has slammed Democrats for opposing the border wall all together, Cruz called them “bat-crap crazy.”

Ted Cruz spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday saying Democrats oppose Republicans at anything to undermine the White House.

This is what Cruz said at the CPAC, “I think there’s a technical description of what’s going on; it’s that Democrats have gone bat-crap crazy,” he said.

“Now their position is, don’t secure the border at all, let everybody in and have amnesty,” “Here’s their reasoning: Trump wants a wall, we hate Trump, therefore no wall, that’s it,” he added.

“We’re going to see a crazed assault from the left, more unhinged than anything we have seen.”

“They’re getting more and more and more extreme on every issue,” he said.

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